Harpreet Kang, Psychotherapist
Harpreet Kang
Harpreet Kang Psychotherapist

You are contemplating therapy because something is amiss in your life. Maybe you feel sad or anxious. Perhaps you feel alone or overwhelmed.

It takes courage and strength to enter therapy and go on a voyage of self-discovery and change. It can be a rewarding journey of unexpected discoveries and positive changes.

Your decision to enter therapy is an important one.

My approach focuses on helping you identify and work through whatever it is that is keeping you from reaching your full potential and being your full authentic self.

I am collaborative, compassionate, and accepting. I have an interactive style, in which we work together to make sense of what you are experiencing on the surface and beneath it.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my practice or want to discuss anything further with me to help you with your decision.